At times when our grief seems to difficult to bear, it may help to turn to professionals experienced in helping people cope with their bereavement.

These articles, stories and essays are written by members of the healthcare community, the clergy, social workers, emergency responders, book authors and others who are knowledgeable in the grieving process and/or experienced in providing counsel to the bereaved. We hope the advice in these articles will help you come to a better understanding and acceptance of your loss.

We encourage members of the professional community to send articles (published or unpublished), essays and stories. If you would like to have your articles or essays posted here, please send them to us by clicking on the icon below.

Articles and Essays by Professionals

Imprints on my Soul
Sam Oliver,

Help nurses Help Other Moms Who Lose A Baby
Peggy Lambert Fink, Oak Hill

How to identify grieving signs in children.
Ms. Lagorio-Anthony, author of "Life Cycles: Activities to Help Children Cope."

Cynthia MacGregor,

When Life Edits Your Well-Made Plans - Jeremiah 29:1-11
Dr. Richard S. Hipps, Macon, GA
A Personal Experience
DC Diane Fry, York Regional Police Department, Newmarket, Ontario

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