Devin Baldwin

06/03/1997 - 09/25/2004

My hero is a little boy. Yes, that's right a little boy. My nephew Devin! He was an AMAZING kid. He died on September 25, 2004. Devin was a wonderful kid with a great smile and a giggle that I can still hear. Devin was a blessing for the 7 years that our family had him. He is missed daily. He is loved much. Some people would ask why would you chose a little boy to be your hero, well, that Little boy touched many hearts and lives and Devin made an impact on everyone he came in contact with. When I grow up, I want to be just like Devin.

My Little Devin,
Your Angel date soon approaches us. No one forgets you baby boy. How could we? You were and are the light of our lives and just so you know the question you asked your mom after you held your bubby when he was first born about " Can I have a Baby Sister now " Well my love you have a Baby Sissy now. Her name is Madyson Faith. Watch over her now to as you do the rest of us, she is a handful and she is only 6 months old and gives your bubby what for. I Miss you with all my heart.

Always Your Tee-Tee

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