January 28, 2006 - January 31, 2006

Beautiful Little Taylor:

I had a perfectly normal pregnancy and we had absolutely no reason to worry until when I was 37 weeks pregnant. I made an appointment with my midwife because I couldn't feel you move. I was scanned and apart from a lot of water, you were healthy. The next day I went into labour and me and your Daddy were exited. We had waited to see you and see who you looked like.

You were born at 4 o'clock in the morning but for some reason you never breathed. I watched as you were resusatated for 25 minutes. Eventually you were put on a full ventilater and taken into Middlesborough NCU. We visited you for 3 days I played with your little feet and nose. Unfortunatly on the 3rd day, we were told that the best thing to do would be to take you off the machines. I will never 4get that day when you slipped away in my arms; stroking your beautiful dark hair and kissing you goodbye.

You are never 4goten. I look at your pictures everyday and your handprints. I love you and miss you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

H.D. Hurst

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