Dani Coleman

July 1986 - October 21, 2000

I met Dani in high school of this year. At first he scared me. I thought he was wierd and my friends and I would tease him every day to the point where he would ask to leave class to go to the bathroom so he could cry. I really regret it.

In English class the teacher had changed Dani's seat right next to mine. I was terrified about what other people would think of me and how just being near him would destroy my immage. I was so wrong! I soon came to see that Dani was a great person and we soon became fast friends. I loved him so much he was my best friend, but there were sides to him that I didn't like. Dani had chronic depression and had monsterous mood swings. One minute he would be his sweet wonderful self and the next act like Satan himself.

On Friday, October 20th, Dani asked me at school if I would like to go to the movies with him on Sunday night, I said yes, and he was supposed to call me Sunday morning.

The call never came and I was really mad that Dani had left me hanging all weekend. I tried calling him a few times, but no one picked up. Sunday night at about 10:00pm I got a call from My friend James who lived by Dani. James informed me that Dani had gone into a deep depression Saturday night and had commited suicide.

Dani I miss you so much. I never got a chance to say goodbye to you until the service. Remember when your dad and those other guys were taking your coffin away... all I kept thinking was no! Bring him back! And as a am here crying while I am pouring my heart out I am glad that you are somewhere great where your not sick any more. I hope you are thinking of me, too. I miss you
Dani... All of College Park High misses you...we love you, Dani.

Daniel Kennith Coleman

Written By Chelsea McVeigh

To Live Is To Die

When a man lies He Murders
Some part of the world
These are the pale Deaths Which
Men miscall Their lives
All this I cannot Bear
To witness Any longer
Cannot the Kingdom of Salvation
Take me home.

Written by Dani Coleman

Rest In Peace
We Love you Dani
Oct . 21 . 2000

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