Dominick Isaiah Krohn

June 22, 2006 - June 23, 2006


You were and always will be the best thing that happened to your daddy and I. We miss you dearly and wish you were here with us. At times just being there in our hearts isn't nearly enough. We loved each and every minute we got to spend with you. The little whimper you let out just melted our hearts. I can't tell you the emotions we were feeling the day you were born other then the fact that we finally got to see and hold our little boy. You will always be our little boy and our life. The pain we feel is hard to explain but we know we cant have you back so we have to deal with you being there in our hearts and looking after us. Just help us through it all we know you didn't want us to be upset forever. But we will and just know we love you with all we have to give and always will. Help to us to keep our faith in the Lord. We know He's not to blame. No one is. But we do miss you to the point were we just want to be back with you. Holding you and loving you. But we can't. we do however have those memories of you being in my tummy and in our arms. And those memories will always remain there in our hearts as well as you. We love you.

You are our little soldier. You fought for us and we thank you. We love you baby boy.

Love always, your mommy and daddy.

Tina Krohn

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