TJ Sole' Knute Kochuten

04/14/05 - 9/11/2005

Whaddah Bug We Miss and Love YOU Always

Hi my baby.

It's been so hard since you left. So very hard I don't have the words to explain the pain. I will love you forever TJ, always and forever. There is not a minute that goes by where you are not missed or loved. Gabe is finishing up school next week, he still asks why you are gone as I still ask also. I wanted to post some more pix of you and Gabe and me. I've met someone so special and I think he's the one, his name is JP. Very confusing with all the two letter names in our family, your is one that is is called out so often cause we are thinking of you and miss and love you. Seems since your birth it just keeps getting worse and worse, not better time is brutal. I am at work and keep thinking of how big you were last year at this time and how many smiles you gave us and how unique you are and were. There are still some of your toys here at Fish & Game and puke stains on my chair and the floor from your sweet self. Look over us we need you even though it's not in a physical aspect your spirit holds strong. I'm waiting for the snow to stop so I can get your grave all cleaned up and ready to lay your head stone. It's a special kind, kinda Samoan and Aleut mixed. It will be one of a kind my boy.

Love you very much always. I hope to see you happy in my dreams. I'll be waiting.

All our love, Momma and Gabe xoxoxoxoxox

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