Brooklyn Joann Baucom

11-7-2000 - 12-23-2005

Little Angel in Heaven

My little angel was born on November 7 of 2000 on December 22 of 2005. I got a call in for a toy drive. It was for kids in the town. Some things the cops decided to do so that night so I took the car seats out so that I would have room for the toys. The next morning I was getting my 2 girls ready for pre-school. I was running late so I got them in the car without car seats. I didn't know the roads were frosty and about a mile in half I hit a sheet of black ice and put my car out of control and went down an inbankment and rolled. When the car stopped, I saw only my 3 year old crying, turned my head saw my 5 year old laying in the cornfield. I ran to her and held her and she didn't have a pulse. i just want to let people know that stuff happens in a blink of an eye and to make sure that your kids are buckled up no matter what. Even if you are in a hurry because now I have to live knowing that I didn't have car seats for my girls. My little angel Brooklyn will always be in my heart and the hurt will never fade. She was loaned to me for 5 years and now she is in heaven flying with the angels.


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