Serena Vivette Baltieri

9/4/05 - 9/4/05

My Beautiful Little Girl

Gone too soon, I don't think I will ever stop grieving losing you, it feels like only yesterday when the delivery room went silent, In the blurr of death calling me I realized that I did not hear you cry, that joyous cry that I have been longing to hear only to be told that you have been silenced forever ... gone too soon.

Serena, my love continues to grown for you as I imagine what you would be doing, enjoying your first Christmas with your mommy, daddy, brother and sisters, how we all miss you.

I don't know why I lived and you died, a cruel twist of fate. Who will take care of you in heaven the way I would? No one can love you more than I, so why go away?

My heart continues to break. I can't believe how helpless I was to save your life. How could I let you die when I know that I would have laid my life down to save yours?

Merry Christmas Serena

Love You Always ... Mommy and Daddy

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