Justin Allemier

January 22, 1984 - March 25, 2002

Thought Of You Today

I thought of you today Justin. I thought of you when I arived home from college on the 25th of march this year. I though of you as I drove by your crash site. And I still meet you in my dreams. 3 years ago god took you aways from us all. I have never forgotten you and I know that I never will. I may not think of you all the time but you still have a very special place in my heart. You always have. I hope that you are happy where ever you are and that you will never forget me and everyone who cares for you. I love you as much as I would love a brother and I hope that you can carry that with you forever.

Understand that death has no use for time. No time is any better, any worse.

Cancel sixteen years or eighty-nine,
Love's a loss one cannot reimburse.
Each of us lives for an eternity,
Dying only after our forever.
Early or late, we vanish equally,
All unconscious of the ties we sever,
No longer either separate or together.

*thought of you Justin*

Talia x x x

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