Janell Victory Allen

Stillbirth - July 25th, 2004

To Our Dear Sweet Janell

If I had known that our first hello
would also be good-bye
I would have tried a little harder
to keep you by my side.

I wish your perfect face
filled more of my memories.
But, as everyone keeps saying,
it just wasn’t meant to be.

How is it that a little life
can just be taken away?
I’ll never get over it,
no matter what they say.

You used to make your Daddy smile
even though you were never born.
And now, when I think of those times,
it feels like my heart is torn.

Sometimes I wish I died with you,
just so you’d always be there.
But I could never leave your Daddy,
it just wouldn’t be fair.

I know you’re always with us,
always watching what we do.
But this is not how it’s supposed to be,
we were supposed to watch over you.

Your Dad and Mom

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