Noah Brice

10th April, 2002 - Due 22nd November, 2002

Sweet baby that never came to be,

You mean so much to us, and we wish that things could have been different. We now have your little cousin Lachlan to shower with love, and I know that you sent him to us to stop us from being too lonely. Mummy misses you baby, and I visit your room all the time just to talk to you, and picture you laying in the cot, wearing the clothes, and playing with the teddy bears that still sit and wait for you, gathering dust on the shelf...

One day we will have a sweet baby to hold, and we will give them your name, and tell them all about their big brother who watches over them.

We love you baby, and will learn in time to be patient and wait for the good things we know are coming.

All our love, Mummy and Daddy xxx

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