Derek Presley

October 9, 1980 - July 2, 2001


You were alway so happy, so funny, and so honery. No one ever had a dull moment while you were around. Our moments have lost that light only you could shine. I hope we made your life here on earth as fun as you made ours. We all miss you but are very proud of you. Your whole life was about making your loved ones feel so important to you and becoming our guardian angel validates your devotion. Having you on our shoulder makes earth a better place. As you know, because I have talked to you many nights, that my son is there also. When Braedyn passed away, I was horrified that I had no one I was close to to watch over him. When I heard you had gone to heaven, I prayed to you to take my baby and take care of him. Its a big job but i felt such a calm come over me after I asked that in prayer. I know you said yes (after all, i know you can find a babysitter there ):) I love you so much Derek and you know you were always my little brother too. I don't have to tell you that. I wish i had spent more time with you, but we have eternity in heaven.

Your Biggest Fan, Mikka

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