Los Anastasia Lindeboom

February 8, 2002 - February 10, 2002

Our beautifull baby was stillborn, after exacly 40 weeks, due to an acute lack of oxygen.

Dear Los,

You wanted to start the marathon of life,
You trained for 9 months, by our love, our drive,
But when the starting shot sounded,
There was suddenly no spark,
And you only stayed with us so short...

...bou-bou, you are unforgettable...

Your daddy.

How did we enjoy your blooming playfull livelyness,
..in my woom.....
And you were a beautiful girl
Your dark hair,
Your carefully constructed eyebrowes..
Your cute curly lips..
That funny little dimple in your chin...
A cuddly body...
A picture so sereen..
The silence so suffocating...
Bye little angel, 'Boubouka', my muse....

Your mama


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