Madison Mary Fischer-Harney

June 13th,2001 - June 20th,2001


Hey there baby girl!! My time with you was short only 7 days 2 hours and 51 mins. But that's a week I would not trade for the world. God needed another Angel and thought that you would be the perfect Angel for him. I wish that sometimes I would have had a perfectly healthy baby girl. But then I relized that God can only give you what you can handle. Well baby girl he gave you to me knowing that I would love you and cherish every moment with you. I miss you very much baby girl. You will always be my little Maddy.

Love you much, Mommy (Nikki)

Madison was born with only the brian stem. It controlled only her breathing and heart and slight movement of limbs. In time her heart gave way and she passed on in the presence of Grandma Fischer, Grandma Harney, Daddy, and Me.

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