Danielle Jue

May 16, 1982 - September 9, 2001

-Turning of the Page-

In memory of Danielle

The story unfolds with a beautiful young girl who made people laugh, who loved life and smiled. She was charmed and could tease the leaves off the trees. She wasn't bad at fixing things either and could whip a stereo set together or assemble a piece of furniture in five minutes flat while her mother stood scratching her head, "What can't she do?" Her mother wondered as her daughter carried the brand new 17-inch Sony down the street and up two flights to the apartment by herself. As she watched T.V., did her homework, and chatted on the phone, and she still got straight A's? She had it all, friends, family, and influence. A confident genius, who's only passion it seemed was to be happy and to make others happy. Everyone loved her, everyone admired her. A perfect girl, her sister said, in every way.

Most stories have a beginning, middle and end. This story, however, does not. Without twists, turns or plot. The page is stuck while time keeps turning like leaves blown off the ground of memory. And the theme, what is it really? If not a moment fully lived, fully loved, fully touched?

By Genny Lim
September 11, 2001


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