Polly Martin

July - March 1983

A Poem for Polly

Her eyes were big and round
As blue as a summer sky
You could get lost in the truth
For she could never tell a lie

Her skin as soft as petals
You would shudder at her touch
No words did she speak
She never uttered much

She was just a baby
When she finally passed away
But her eyes I still remember
Still see them to this day

Her eyes held the answers
All the mysteries of the world
To us she was only a loan
We knew she was only borrowed

Down from heaven she fell
Back up to heaven she climbed
She was part of a contract
A contract that God's hand had signed

I think she got her wish
And I think we did too
Her contract was up
We knew we could not sue

Though our pain was clearly real
Our hearts violently tore
In the end between God and family
There was no querral or war

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