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Lost The Love of My Life

Jona Leigh - The Music Box
Charles Teller,

Jona Leigh - The Music Box
Charles Teller,

Happy Birthday Honey
Tisha Brennan, Santa Rosa Beach

Lost Prescence
J.P., Aurora

Zachary Peter and Sarah Ashley
EW, Toronto

Grandma's Hope Chest
Terri Saeed, Greenwood Village

I just lost my grandpa =(
D.H., LeMars

My Nephew Dusty
Wendy Olmstead, Tampa

My Wonderful Dad
Stacey Woods, Merseyside

The Lost Of My Grandfather
Myrtle Green, New Iberia

My Mother's Death
Kristi Kille, Toledo

Goodbye My Student
Deb, Reading

The Day I Lost My Mama
Everlena Hemingway, Chicago

Uncle Vinh
Myriam Angel, Pomona

A Sis to Angels
J., Wasilla

Michele Alhroob, Rocky Mount

My LIttle Cousin
M.B, Fairdealing

I lost The One Person For Accepted Me For Me
Amy Greger, Sheboygan

Baby Dinah
T., Lafayette

Taken Angel

2 Angels in Heaven In Just 4 Months

My Beautiful Niece
Stephanie, Lyman

My Beautiful Niece Ashley
Stephanie Graves, Lyman

Amanda , Hermiston

Our Heart Angel
Sibahan, Philadelphia

Our Sweet Katie
Cheryl Branson, Washburn

My Darling Niece
Heather, Girard

Amanda - My Beautiful Niece
Robin Harris, Toronto

My Nephew
Joyce Norris, Canyon Lake

My Grandpa
Tara, Yakima

About My Uncle
Tara, Yakima

My buddy, My nephew, My love
Rosa Sandoval, Nampa

Memorial for Braedyn Joe Sandoval
Sharla Wilson, Caldwell

You will not be forgotten Eric!
K., Raleigh

My Little Man, My Little Angel
Amanda, Milton

Our Girls
Jackie Wilson Smith, Lenora

Taken By Terrorists

Murdered Innocence - Followup
Debbie, North Hollywood

Where To Turn?
E., Indianapolis

A Heartbreaking Choice
Angie Petty,

My Friend Michelle
Summer Morrow, Greer

Remembering Peanut
MC, Burlington

Tonya Richards, Hazel Park

Brittany Lange Tragedy
K, Seguin

Aunt Gus, Saskatoon

Our Little Angel, Dante
W.B., Spokane

My 17 Year Old Nephew
Tara Pomaski, Chesterfield

Life's Love Lost
N. G., Carmel

Memories of Miranda
Aunt Mary, University City

A Cute Niece Named Cathy
Connie Tucker, Vidalia

Our #1 "ACE" Gordon
Amy Ludwig, Coaltownship

Murdered Innocence
Debbie, North Hollywood

Tragic Death
Lysa Moyer, Galion

Our Beloved Taylor
Patricia, Toronto

Carol Malone (Bryan's Ma),

Sharon, New York

Michael, beautiful Michael
Shawna Ross, Thornhill, Ontario

My Charlie Brown ... gone
Jami Hall, Normal

Frequent Thoughts...
L. Shea, Toronto

This Is My Story
Lucy Boyer, McLean

The Worst Day

Re: Letter to Dr. Buscaglia
S. Short

by Peggy Risen

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