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Stories of Lost Child Siblings

Dori, St.. Helens

Our Little Angel
Sarah Keegan, Sydney

The Smallest Angel and his Big Brother
Julieanna E. Pinto, Lancaster

A Sis to Angels
J., Wasilla

Sentiments of a 15 Year Old Sibling
Jeanelle Sprauve-Gar, Baltimore

My Baby Boy
Jannette, Lincs

The Day My World Changed Forever
J.C., Milton

My Brit Brat 4-Ever
Jessilyn, El Paso

April Died in May
M., Senatobia

My Older Brother Mark
Beth Gehrich, Cincinnati

Our Brothers
S., San Antonio

Lost Brother
Jehanne , Bethesda

My Brother Shawn Michael Lightner
Tamara Lightner, Moundsville

Leigh Ann Thouin, Waterford

My Brother Eric
Craig Livingston, Moravia

Mr Brother Eric
Chris Tallman, Houma

Roger, My Brother
Angie, San Antonio

My Brother
Linda Wade, Desoto

My Sister
A.W., Waleska

Gone But Not Forgotten
L.W., Philadelphia

A Day I Will Never Forget
Roger Creech, Hillsboro

My Little Chris
Chelsea, Wilmington

My Two Guardians
Chelsea, Wilmington

The day my heart broke
Melissa Hess, Huntertown

My Sister Was Murdered
Amanda, Newcastle

Murder Reality
Erin, Cincinnati

Kathy Dolan, Bellefontaine

Losing a Brother
Ashley Beede, Bixby

Bull Riding Angel
Sharla Wilson, Caldwell

Perfect Ride
Sharla Wilson, Caldwell

All Alone
Sarah Powell, Geneseo

He Murdered My Sister
Candy Biller, San Diego, CA

She Rode Off in the Sun.
kathy karr, Carlock

Losing My Favorite Sister
Tracey, New York

Baby Sister, I Miss You!
Heather Jackson, Marlow, OK

A Poem For Polly
Becky Martin, Burlington, Ontario

Feels Like Yesterday
J. Higgins, Gaithersburg

Reflections of an Only Child
by Marlene Myerson

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Lost Child Lost Grandchild Lost Child Sibling Other Loss Send us your Stories

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