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Stories of Lost Children

My Sweet Wésŕ T’
L.R., Pawnee

Our Angel Matteo

Tiny Tot
Brooke Thompson, Nellis

Always My Baby
Jennifer McGavic, Louisille

The Day My Heart Stopped
Veronica, Auburn

Destiny, Akron

Mommy's precious Angel
R., Lawrenceville

Losing My New Born Son
Shanel Griffin , Charlotte

Sleeping Beauty - Hannah
T.S., Panama City

Madison Lynn 37 weeks
C.B., Richland

My Three Angels
Leticia, New Braunfels

34 Weeks
N.C., Niagara

My Light is Gone
Emily Parker, Bellmead

A.C., Kokomo

Our Sweet Baby
C.S., Tallahassee

Jaimeson My Sweet
Tina Pugh, Los Angeles

Precious Rayne Alexia
Stacey Thorn, Dyer

Tony Fagg
Anthony, Kilmarnock

Born Sleeping Precious Girl
Natasha Whitcomb, Mustang

Haileigh: The Best 4 Hours
Nikita, Portland

My Son
Susan, Toronto

My Smiling Baby Boy
C.F., Mullins

Isabel Rose (a must-read poem)
Colette Lott, Oceanside

Leeantoinelle, Richmond

Chris Russo, Louisville

Jameson Thomas
Brooke Durfey, Dunkirk

My Beautiful Baby Boy
E.B., New York

K., Kitchener

Chris Russo, Louisville

My Cody
Kristi VanWagner, Fort Wayne

Still So Lost
Sandi, Oklahoma City

My Son
C.F., Tulsa

Michelle Bailey, Barrie

A Little Girl I Didn't Know
Cheryl Bulas, Athabasca

The Newtown Conn Parents
Chris Russo, Louisville

Mommy Loves You Landyn
Tionna Waters, Glen Allen, VA, U.S.A.

My Scarlet
Jessica, Jacksonville

Sky Gabriel
Lani Roberts, Portland

To My Little Angel

My Sweet Angel Patrick
Andi Cupit, Oak Harbor

K., Tiny

8 Years Ago...
Emilee Back, Nicholasville

My Story
Sabrina, St. Albans

I'm A Mom
Nicole, Chicago

Dawn, West Boylston

Gabriel BB, Cluj-Napoca

My Billy
Chris Russo, Louisville

My Billy
Chris Russo, Louisville

My Baby
Jeanne Foster, Dodgeville

Loving Lucas
Beth Tucker, Danville

Never Got To Give Him All My Love
Krystal Murray, Del City

Missing Our Fighting Angel
J., Reno

Baby Elijah, Gone Too Soon
S., St. Catharines

Alex's Mom
Joannah Matheson, Belle Ewart

Hanging onto ";Hope";
April Worley, Whitwell

Jeremy Ryan
Noelle Bronaugh, Chester Springs

My Running Back
Donna Pettaway, Tarboro

Reid Nelson- 2 Year Old With OMS/Aplastic Anemia
Brianna Nelson, Cheyenne

My Angel Paul
L.G., Springfield

Michael Patrick
Sheila Moran, Charlestown

The Accident That Took Her
Alicia Rivera, Stockton

Lily Mason - Our Everlasting Gift Of Life
Rae Smith, Louisville

Preterm Labour-Lost Baby Boy at 24 Weeks
L., Toronto

Maddox James Kennelly
Ashley Kennelly, Omaha

Baby Makenna
Kindra Fiorini, Cincinnati

Beautiful Princess..gone too soon

My Angels Play in Heaven
Amanda Fagg, Lyons

Baby J
Brittani, Denver

4-Year Old Daughter Drowned
L., Mansfield

My Baby Boy Dylan
J.R., Toronto

Dancing across Heaven
Corky Lynes, Moran

HBO Documentary
Gabby, NY

4 Day Old Daughter Died in our Bed
Jennifer Westley, Kitchener

Princess Kaylah
Rebecca, San Antonio

Loss of Our 3 Year Old Son to Pool Drowning
N., Menifee

To Chris Russo
MaryAnn Taylor, Lisle

My Princess
Z., Cape Town

To Chris Russo
Rae Desmond, Louisville

My Little Angel Ethan
Cynthia Mckenzie, Colton

Chris Russo, Louisville

Baby Dylan
Caroline, Maple Shade

LABOUR OF LOVE…The Miracle of Hannah
David and Alison Sargent,

Caleb's Cure Was Not Meant To Be
Amanda, indianapolis

Kaylin Marie
Jennifer Brown, St. Clair Shores

Kaylin Marie
Jennifer Brown, St. Clair Shores

Alicia's Story
Alicia, Gilbert

I Understand
Jennifer Tyner, Buffalo

Matilyn Grace
S.LT., Quakertown

My Baby Boy
Kalynn Moore, Jersey City

A Poem For My Son
Lawrence Jett, Schiller Park

My beautiful Kayleigh Ruth
Leanne Crayton, Pittsburgh

Lost My Only Child Austin To Leukemia
Michelle Burchett, Ligonier

My Angel
Vivian, Port Harcourt

My Little fighter Samantha
Xochil, Huntington Beach

How Can I Be a Mummy When I Have No Baby to Hold
Ella Rogers, Melbourne

My baby Gabriel
Brittany, Oceanside

He fought the fight of his life!
Victoria, Tempe

Pam, Warner Robbins

Our Angel Olivia
Crystal, Indianapolis

My Sweet Boy
Jessica, Lake City

For Crystal in Seymour TN
Rae Desmond, Louisville

Baby Lucy's Story
R., Bristol

Braden, Mommy's Little Angel
Ashley, Carthage

Too Young To Pass
Debbie Antoine, Brampton

Amberlee's Story
Beth Brown, Chandler

Empty and Lost
Angela Miller, Houston

My Two Little Angels
M.P., Ypsilanti

God Took Both My Babies
Tammy K., Trenton

Hope's Story
A., Bel Air

Jacob's Story

Mya Christine
Rebekah Ant, Browning

My Bossy Monkey
Lynn, Yucaipa

Zoe, Leigh

My Sweet Justin
Diane Cowgill, Glenview

Gabrielle Sprauve-Ga, Pikesville

Would Like to Email
M.S., Nampa

Would Like to Connect
M.S., Nampa

Baby Wyatt
Mandy, Lakebay

Sweet Jacob
Cristi, Albemarle

Missing Baby Ben
Tammy H., Littleton

Lost My Five Boys At The Hands Of Own Wife
Michael Kitzmüller, Preetz

Healing Takes Time
Peter, Newcastle

My Sunshine - Reginald Donovan King
Erica King, Inwood

My Jaslyn
Angel Clifford, Rosebud

Our Grace May
Angela Spivack, Natick

My Little Angel Miss Cassidy Noelle :)
S.D., Bronx

S.D., Bronx

My Little Girl
Cari Mitchell, Onamia

C.M., Onamia

The Happy Life Gone
Jennifer Hillard, Danville

Promised Child
Kevin Seymour, Freeport

My Baby Boy
Janice McCurdy, Summerdale

It's Been Almost 7 Years Now
Crystal, Seymour

Want My Angel Bhristian Back
J.B., Cebu

My Family
Lena Anderko, Hazleton

I Miss And Love You Beyond Words
Silvia Estrada, Los Angeles

Alex, Our Only Child
Bob Hopkins, Weatherford

Zaynab, My Life
Farah Ayub, Manchester

Mckala Destiny
Michelle White, Spartanburg

My Baby Lucas
Tracey D, Pawcatuck

Jackie My Precious Girl
Linda Poteet, Chino Hills

Missing You Isn't The Hardest Part About You Being Gone
Shelly, Portland

Quentin Kaleb
Kim, Chicago

To Billy's Mom
Karen, Victorville

JJ, Indianapolis

Chris Russo, Louisville

Two Years Since AJ Died
M., San Diego

My Little Belle Girl
K.M., Aptos

Once Again I Failed
T., Bladensburg

My Precious Hurricane
K.K., Victorville

A., Sacramento

A., Sacramento

Mommy's Little Girl
Valerie, Bedford

My Little Man

My Daughter, My Sister, My Friend
Aseneth, Apple Valley

Stephanie, Fairfield

Moving On Through Loss
Rebecca Newman, Ilion

Joshua Adam Turrey
Josie Turrey, Rowland Height

Our Little Angel Carter
Laura, Blaine

For Tayllor's Mom
Rae, Louisville

My Poo, May God Get The Glory
Tabb Martin, Memphis

My Sweet Baby Tayller
Angela, Omaha

Baby Eric
Heather, Anderson

Our Angels Charlie and Neve
Kristina and Curt, Gosford

Lily Mason - Mine &; God's Little Saint
Rae Desmond, Louisville

My Three Angels
K., Benton

My Little Prince Edie
Kellie, Hervey Bay

My Little Angel Jayden
Rebecca, Cape Girardeau

The Best Thing God Ever Gave Me, My Son Deric
Christina Harhart, Yuma

My Little Man
Priscilla Smith, Kilnaleck

My Son, My Best Friend
James Hein, San Diego

My Baby, Angel Nataniel
Rosa Palmero, Fall River

Our Son-Our Empty Arms
Tammy Lynn Kelley, Leesville

Our Little June Marie
D.R., Orlando

Missing My Angel Cody
Sheila Ebbing, Newton

To My Babygirl
Rachel, Beaufort

Our God Sent Angel
Laqia Land, Greenville

Sweet Little Naomi
Elsa Ochoa, Mission

My LIttle Angel Bryan David Bahle
Melanie Bahle, Josephine

Sweet Little Naomi
Monica Ochoa, Mission

My Angel A.J.
Wendy, Ridge

My Daughter, My Hero, My Best Friend
Barbara Turner, Auburn

When My Son Lost His Baby Sister
Kazusa Shinada, Marbella

I Miss My Angel Babies
Rachel McConathy, Camarillo

My Jordan Angel Baby in Heaven
Germaine Boudreaux, Port Neches

When Words Are Not Enough
Patrick Lillis, North Haven

A.S., Oak Forest

Angel of God
Lisa, Iowa City

Still Trying to Cope
Chris Russo, Louisville

My Little Chap
Sue, Wexford

Mummy's Little Man
Tracey Mason, Hayes

My Precious Baby Boy
B., Red Earth

Baby Devon's Accidental Death
Meredith Greer, Saratoga Springs

Beautiful Joshua
Kirsty Hicks, Hull

Amber, West Jordan

My Littlest Angel
Kelly Ianetti, Bushkill

Beautiful Tre, Tre
Kristin Burch,

My Precious Jo-Jo's
Amy Beaver, Richland

My Christmas Baby
Shannon Pearson, Independence

My Little Saint Nick
Cristina, Pawtucket

My Sweet Angels
Laura, El Paso

My Little Fighter
Sue Murdock, Winnipeg

My LIttle Angel
Lesley Woodhouse, Bristol

You would be 3 years old!
Emilee McConathy, Nicholasville

Our First Born
Tina Shannon Krohn, Colonial Beach

Our Little Soldier
Tina Shannon Krohn, Colonial Beach

Diane Landis, Cortland

Philip Jo, Norman

Dakota : I Changed My Mothers Life
Georgette, Pittsburgh

Lily Would Be 4 In A Week
Rae Desmond, Prospect

For Lily's Mom
Chris Russo, Louisville

My Wonder Little Lily
Rae Desmond, Prospect

My Chloe Angel
Ashley, Puyallup

Baby John and Scarlett
Brandi, Savannah

Baby John and Scarlett
Brandi, Savannah

Trying to Cope
Chris Russo, Louisville

CJ's Story
Shanna Rodger, North Haverhill

Our Little Soldier Jacob
L.A., Salisbury

My Buddy Bear
Mellisa Suntken, Island City

My Beautiful Angel-Ryan
Christina Mai, Sydney

A child so loved
Mary Ulibarri, Cleburne

My Little Cheekie Charlie
Janis, Bradford

My Precious Ryan Daniel
Maria l. Dalrymple, Corpus Christi

She was so special God wanted her all to Himself
Kelli, Easton

My Beautiful Angel Ryan
Christina Mai, Sydnet

Elizabeth's Story - The Tragic Death of a Toddler
Vira Cover, Aurora

A., St. Pauls

The Lowest of Lows
Kathleen Calabria, Yenda

Lucas James
Natasha Sanderson, Wollongong

My Jonathon
Gina Petty, Wichita Falls

Still Missing You
Emilee McConathy , Nicholasville

My baby Boy Rahquan
S., Wsmprt

My Joshua...I Miss You :(
Blanca E. Arredondo, Corpus Christi

Jolie, Our Angel
Jennifer Tyner, Buffalo

My Precious Baby
Cheryl, Taylor

Rae Desmond, Prospect

My Jeromy
Kathryn Swilley, Aurora

My dear Jaeson
Donna, Deerbrook

Contact request for SIDS
Savanna, Unalaska

Baby Reese
M., Bismarck


My Leya Bella
Bianca Martinez, Pearland

To Jonathon's Mom
B., Milton

Jonathon Watches Over Us Now
L.B., Milton-Freewater

My Precious Little Girl
Melinda Alfarano, Cincinnati

Cody, Our Son With a Muscle Myopathy
Tracy Schmurr, Livermore

Ben's Story
Andrea, Stockton

My Precious Little Angel
Julie, Crane

Our Angel Ava
Annette Adams,

Our Angel Faith
Misty, Pleasanton

My Two Baby Girls
C., Surrey

Chase - Our Little Angel
Sherry Pollak, Rochester

Chase - Our Little Angel
Sherry Pollak, Rochester

Baby Kevin 12/03/05
Misty Knipper, Longview

I Failed As My Child's Advocate...
Janice Yocum, Huntingdon

They Didn't Listen to Me
T.P., Maitland

Not A Day Goes By......
Stephanie, Anchorage

Incomplete Family
T., Bladensburg

Beautiful Aliyah
Christelle, Sydney

Another Way
L.Q., Wellsville

My Little Angel
Lavita, Chicago

Lil Jojo
R.B., Bozeman

Incomplete Family
T., Bladensburg

SIDS stole my Whaddah Bug
Savanna, Unalaska

My Matthew
Gary Kawka, Sparta

Merry Christmas
Sandra Asher,

Our Angel Cody Glenn Belt
Kathy Rodney Belt, Henderson

In Loving Memory of Cody Glenn Belt
Kathy Larue Belt, Henderson

Baby Braxden's Life
Aliecia Nichols, Oshkosh

Gwendolyn Paige - Our Angel
Sarah Weingartner, Hammonton

Dear Logan, My Love is With You. Love, MoMMy
Beverly Koch, Chilton

Emily Kathryn, Jamie's Dad
Melissa and Alex Priest, Amarillo

Doctor Not Caring About Your Child
Holley New, Waterloo

6 Months-Still Pain
Jennifer Tyner, Buffalo

Michelle Pointon,

Our Beautiful Boy
Amanda, Melbourne

I Miss You
Colleen Cottrell, Green Bay

Sonya, Ypsilanti

Heaven Leigh
Tiffany, Barrington

Tyler's Hope
Kimberly Castleman, Lewisville

My Rah-Rah
LaMea, Spotsylvania

Life after Loss
M.G., Rexburg

He Was Perfect To Me
Niccole, Moon Township

Caylee's Hope Promotional Video
D., Temple Terrace

In Response to Jim in Trukton CO
Karen, Bordentown

My two Angels born 5 months apart Britton &; Emily
Amy James, Bartlett

I've Been Alone For Six Months
Jim, Trukton

I'll be alright Mom.....
Donna, Ormond Beach

Unbearable Loss
B.K., Harrisburg

Almost Three Years
Sherry, Jim Thorpe

Norma, Long Beach

Our Son Was Lost At Sea
Donna Church, St. Petersburg

Ross Andrew
S.A., Mechanicsville

Joshua Brian Laning
Karen Laning, Bordentown

Almost 2 Years Later
Susan, Barnegat

My Son Michael
Debbie, Atwater

Grace Garber / Olivia Garber
Traci Jason Garber,

My Angel In Heaven
Wendy Harris-Hyma, Lowbanks

My Beautiful Sunshine
J.B., Wildwood

Baby Leo, God's Child For Now

The story of Grace &; Olivia
Jason Traci Garber, Long Beach

Mommy's ";Little Man";
Casey Grezik, Rapid City

Isaiah, My Angel!
Karina Gonzalez-T, Brooklyn

My Stillborn Jolie
Jennifer Tyner, Buffalo

Our son, Kirk Paul
Marilyn Kottke, Port Austin

Chelsea's Story
Will Leigh O'Dell, Waxahachie

Our Little Man
Nadja Manna,

Christopher Buckberry...Forever 17
Deborah McIntyre, Alger

Lost My 4 Year Old from AML 24 Hours After Diagnosis
Dawn, Thonotosassa

I Would Like to Write a Miracle Story For You
Lisa Courie,

My 4yr old son, Nathan died suddenly of Meningitis
C., Roseville

My Beloved Son Adam Craig
Maxine Heller, Sunrise

Our Princess
Leigh O'Dell, Waxahachie

Lost My 4 Year Old the Same Day I Had a Baby
Lisa Smith, Sacramento

Believe in ANGELS
Becky, Sioux Falls

Christie - 22 Year Old College Student
Mary, West Branch

I'm Not O.K......And That's O.K. For Now
Jamie Dawson, Watauga

Why was she stillborn?
Susan White,

My Sweet Rylee

K., Hazel Park

Our Curve Ball
J.W., Wellington

Two Years Later
Lendy Keesee, Danville

The Story of Bobby/Cystic Hygroma
Tracey Petitto, Marlborough

My Precious Jack, Suzanne Poppe

I Hear Alysha Singing In Heaven
Charlene and Patrick, Port Coquitlam

My Daughter
Dorothy Jackson, Leland

One Year Has Passed
Emilee Rogers, Nicholasville

Burdett, My Son
Annette Wappes, Warsaw

Our Perfect Angel, Little Makaela
Amy Billotte, Brookville

One Year Later
Diane Cowgil, Glenview

Kimberly Little, Gainesboro

My Kylie Bug
Michelle Laurain, Demotte

To Lauren, Tyler's Mom
Jamie, Watauga

Madison Mary Falante
Kelly Falante, San Diego

Bryan Michael
Clarissa , Nashville

To Bella's Family
Christy, Pensacola

My Hero, My Son...
Lauren Brunn, Wantagh

My Little Angel
Monica, Corona

K, Justin's Mom
M., Laplace

My Justin
K., Brooklyn

My Little Angel
Dawn, Phila

Devin, My Sweet Angel
Cheryl, Nixa

Our Little Angel
Christina, Red Boiling Springs

My twin Angels
L., Englewood

Heaven Bound Angel
Breyanna Stratton, Michigan City

Brady, My Sweet Baby Boy
Tammy , Waverly

Why Did He Take You Away?
Nichole Kelly, Hamburg

ReNea, Hattiesburg

Jenni Diana
Diana Mayberry, Norris City

Cystic Hygromas
ReNea, Hattiesburg

Our Angel Fallon
L., White Plains

Kari - 21 for 15 Days
Gina McMurray, Cedar Springs

My Sweet Boy, Gone Too Soon
Christie McGuire, Roseville

My Precious Sammy Jo
Joyce Sullivan, Bethune

Emily Kathryn Jamie
J.B., Placentia

4 Years Later
Mikka Sandoval, Nampa

Our Precious Nick
Sandra Russel, Dewitt

Lost to S.I.D.S.
E.M., Ventura

Our Little Fighter Ayaan
Robila, Manchester

My Matt

Our Angels - Mercy and Grace
Casey Whiteaker, Bartlett

To Debbie, Atwater, CA, U.S.A.
Christine, Belleville

Janet Andrews, Claude

Unborn Boy
L., Pleasanton

My Hannah
T., Freeland

My Last Baby
Angela Pittman, Jacksonville

Our Little Tender Heart
Andrea, Oklahoma City

Bonni Johnson, Vergennes

Our Little Ivan
Jessica Mayer, Douglasville

My Rooster
Debbie, Atwater

My Loss
D., Atwater

6 Months Ago
DeAnn Knavel, Liberal

Carson Corbet
Tracy S, London

Charlann Price, Tampa

Was a Dream???
Lupita Garcia, Oakland

My Beloved Michael
Diana Zollinger, Elkhart

Kameron Austin
DeAnn Knavel, Liberal

We Miss Her
Stefano Silvestri, La Romana

Austin's Story
Shannon Breen, Kinsman

Gone But Not Forgotten
Sondra Smith, Petrolia

Mommy's Little Angels
Catina Standley, Waller

Baby Dave
Crystal, Leesburg

My Gift From God
Trisha Jauregui, Austin

Alli Dipper
Greg Trunz, Commack

Letter to McKenlee
Emilee Rogers, Nicholasville

Life Changeing Experience
Miranda Anne Trace, St. Paris

My Babies, My Angels
Bridget, Richmond Hill

The Day I Lost My Sweet Baby Boy
E.M., Ventura

Little Emma
P.H., Miramichi

A Tribute to Ryan
Tammy White, Atlanta

Maggie May - Her Story
Jamie Dawson, Watauga

Goodbye Baby, Hello One Day
Debbie Frank, Venice

Our Good Nick
Mary, Galway

My Maggie May
Jamie Dawson, Watauga

Remembering Diana Lynne
Abra Naber, Vacaville

Our Kids
Andy Johnson, Austin

Robert Allen (Bobby) Compton
Susanne, Springfield

Michelle, Melbourne

Beautiful Sarah
Lisa, Knoxville

My Little Lydia
Emily, Derbyshire

Our Three Little Angels
M., Melbourne

Our Little Miracle
Monica E. McDonald, Brooklyn

Our Little Angel
Krystle Batot, Spring

Gracee Alaina
Kaytee and Greg, Abbeville

Nicole Stiffler - My Heart Goes Out To You
Carolyn, Walpole

My Baby Alex Andres

Miracle Angel Jessica
Deborah Davidson, Rockmart

Matthew - 4/19/85-3/19/04
MaryAnn Taylor, Lisle

My Little Matthew
Annette Fleming, Clearfield

Dear Nicole Stiffler
Jason and Amy, Oshawa

My Little Man
Eleanor Catalano, West Babylon

Jennifer, Baltimore

Josiah James Alexander Lives On In Our Hearts
Beverley, Maple Ridge

The Pain is Too Much
Nicole Stiffler, Hummelstown

My Precious Son Michael
Stephanie, Lansing

Bella's Story
Brenda Martin, Valdosta

Joy, Okmulgee

Our Little Noodle
S. N., Toronto

Skyler's Mom

My Angel Now in Heaven
Susie, Shortsville

Ana, Richmond

Saffron, Sydney

Our Little Angel - Anthony
Crystal Matchett, Salt Lake City

Charlie, Mama loves you around the world and back!
L.G., Harkers Island

My Princess
N., Fergus Falls

My Special Angel-Justin
Diane Cowgill, Glenview

My Son Zachary
Cyndi D, Glendale

Baby Girl-Melana
Monica, Pittsburgh

Anyone who needs an angel in McKenlee's memory
Emilee Rogers, Nicholasville

Juanita Mae
Christina Koers, Lansing

My Sweet Baby
Lendy Keesee, Danville

My McKenlee
Emilee Rogers, Nicholasville

Angel Wolf
Amber, Lafayette

My Story

E-mail From My Daughter In Heaven
Ward, Jason E., Bronx

My Oldest Son
Mary Lujan, Clovis

Baby Samantha
Zarabeth M. Kruger, St Louis

Jaedin, My Peanut
Emma, Toronto

Perfect Child
David W. Reece, US Army, Brussels

The Story of Michael Allen Breidenbach ";Mikey";
Amanda Auer, St Louis

God Bless You
E., Vancouver

My Little Angel
Paula Mason, Red Deer

My Angel Girl
Gail Suggs, Indianapolis

My Baby Love
Michelle, Arlington

My Two Angels
M, LaPlace

Our Angel
Amber, Longview

My Sweet Anna Marie
Anne, Dayton

My Son Chad
Linda Guess, Tullahoma

Braedyn Joe Sandoval
MIkka Sandoval ,

Our Zoe-The God Kind of Life
Judi Lacanlale, Suisun City

My Carter Man
Devon Ragan, Visalia

Taken From Us
Sherry, Jim Thorpe

Are Sweet Angel
Tiffaney Sand, Billings

Baby Dylan
B.B., Milton

Janice, Summerdale

My Dylan
Carly, Slaughter

Sweet John
Lynne, Cleveland

Our Amazing Little Man
Mindy McNabb, Washington

Without You
Erin Montgomery, Cincinnati

Robyn Flew Away
Kathleen M. Jones, Adelanto

My Precious Angel
Kristy Williams, Oklahoma City

Missing Our Only Child Lucas
Janice McCurdy, Summerdale

My Daughter Samantha
Brenda Bratton, Pine Bluff

Dearest Trevor
Staci Tober, Indianapolis

Response to Sandy's Story
Christine DeFrance, Belleville

How Do I Get Over The Loss of My Son
Sandie, Pace

Tinkerbell is in Heaven
Karli Lintner, Glendale

Safe & Warm Tonight
Tom Clawson, Toledo

Contact Request
Sarah, Harvest

My Grief Story of Kyla T
Sarah, Harvest

Chavelita, My Angel
Heather Bautista, Norwalk

My Daughter, My Friend
Valerie Walters, Shepherd

A Recommended Site
Patty Cohn, Hallstead

My Son, My Hero

Jennifer Alden, Petaluma

Our Beautiful Diana
Abra Naber, Vacaville

Our Wee Christmas Angel
Ivan Hazel Clarke, Sixmilecross

Precious Trevor
Staci, Indianapolis

My Precious Baby Michael
C.G., Dresden

Carmen's Son
Carmen Jackson, Flint

My Sweet Sweet Sarah
Angie, Martinsville

Mom's Michelle
Carol Bohnstedt, Tulare

Amy's Story
Amanda Field, Bradford

Daniel: Loved From The First Second
NH, Ellsworth

So Small, So Cute, So Soon
Cheryl Carlton, Brampton

He Touched So Many
D.E., Morristown

Our Punky-Girl, Kyla Theresa
Sarah, Madison

Our Precious Ruby Valentine
Sandra da Cruz-Brits, Auckland

Pennies from Heaven
Jillian Cooper, Bloomsburg

Our Precious Marissa
Melissa Pinkham, Glenburn

Letter to Jarrad
Tom and Rhonda Sturm, Taylor Mill

Nicolaas 10 / Asthma
Malynda, Stockton

Our Joshua
Christine DeFrance, Belleville

Our Darling Peanut
H., Rotorua

My Fault
Aaliyah Muhammad, Hawthorne

A.H., Providence

My Beautiful Baby Boy
Penny Martell,

Our Angel Felicia
Nikki Hunt, Elkhart

Anyone There?
LC, Beaufort

My Little Star
Sarah Wall, Virginia

My Dear Little Man
Diane Swale, Tauranga

Angel Wings For Jenny
Chrissy Breaux, Lake Charles

To Rhianna's Mummy
Melissa, Chicago

A Life To Celebrate
Diane Fasano, Jackson

Megan von Brix, Burnie

Not Forgotten
Kelly Vannoy, Winston-Salem

My Precious Son Chad
Shelly, Sheboygan

Brendan Patrick Vogel
Paula Vogel, St. Louis

A Darling on Earth
Joyce M. Layton, Pearl

To My Baby - Angel Tang
Pazita, Oakland

Julie Pease, London

Beverly Senzee, Phoenix
Rebecca, Onley

I Miss The Squeezy Hugs
Patti Fraser, Ladysmith

On The Wings of a Dove
Beverly Senzee, Phoenix

My Shining Star
Savea Harrelson, Newfolden

Jason Alexander
Marla Carcamo, Beltsville

My Little Bright Twinkling Star
Linda, Nottingham

A Special Little Spirit - In Memory of Madison
K.S., Salisbury

Kalen Noelle
Kelly D Vannoy,

Mommy's Big Boy
Shonquaey Howard, Dallas

Years of Love - Lifetime of Guilt
Lori, FM

AJ Our Sweet Angel
Melissa, Chicago

John Ethan
John Burden, Colorado Springs

My Wee Josiah
Beverley Stuive, Maple Ridge

My Pooh Bear Pancho Jr.
Becky, Hillsboro

Our Alexie My Lexie
Daniele, Hicksville

My Precious Munchy Face (DAVID THOMAS)
J., Lindenhurst

My Angel Face
Lisa Aversa, Revere

My Angel Face
Lisa Aversa, Revere

Wishing I Could Rock You One More Time
Carole Cagle, Dallas

The Day My Twin Angels Went to Heaven
Tracy Deleon, Coralville

About Michelle
Margie Cady, Winona

Matthew "God's Gift"
Wilma Dillon, Onion Lake

To Heather, Timothy's Mommy
Martha Maroney,

My Still Born Son
Margo Munroe-Clarke, Nassau

Our Timothy
Heather, Essex

Our Superman, Nicholas
Karen H., Derry

Our Little Lamb, Lucas
Carol Hart, Glasgow

Starting Over
L.W., Philadelphia

My Baby Emilio
C, Los Angeles

Manifestation of God
Paul Durand, Northridge

The Glass Shatter'd
Paul Durand, Northridge

JordanTyler Mahan
Tammy Mahan, Fort Edward

Keegan "Little Fierce One"

Our Little Angel, Eric
Connie Tucker, Vidalia

Greatest Gift
Rebecca Eskridge, Onley

Our Kiera
Kim, Beverly

Our Precious Sienna
Cristina Aranda, Lyons

To Janelle, from Seattle, WA
Rosa Santo, Rio de Janeiro

Broken Angels Can Fly
Renee Mcfaddem, Redding

Born Into Heaven
Christine Dwyer, Syracuse

So close, and yet, so far...
Elizabeth Blackwood, Grasonville

We Miss Eamonn
Janelle, Seattle

Our Alauna Jean/Our Jelly Bean
Pamela Gay, Spokane

Matthew William - Our Angel
Tina Mothersill, Thirsk

My Perfect Angel
Jamie, Seneca Falls

She Was Only 19
Vicki Smyth, Texarkana

I Ache For You My Son

An Angel Not Too Far Away
Sonia Cordiva, Lancaster

The Day I Lost My Smile
Daniel Brown, Manchester

To Almost:
Rosa Santo, RJ

My Angel Baby Kurt
Michelle Sorensen, Blackfoot

To Donna.....
Tara, Melbourne

Flying With Angels
Grace Sato, Jersey City

Lost without Maddie
Nikki, Sheboygan

Michael Edison 5 mo 22 days
Larissa Hallford, Fredericksburg

Lynn Davis, Providence

My Precious Angel
Donna, Hartford

Zarabeth , Springfield

"Ireland" Forever
Colleen Stuckless, Whitby

Maria Adams, North Hills

Nathan Gift of God
Nathan Brooks, Baltimore

Tyler's last Tear
Tara Avdem, DevilsLake

My Precious Steven
Marge Patton, Sterling Heights

Little Aussie Battler
Tara, Melbourne


My Angel Dawn
Vickie Baker, Irving

Missing Isabella
Theresa Frazier, Norfolk

Hailey Jane
Amy, Blackfoot

Empty Arms
Nancy Smith, Kensington

Angel in Waiting
Becky, Leesburg

Devin Gregory Taylor
Angela Baskins, Taylor

Lost With Out Cheyenne
Pamela, Trussville

Message for James' Mommy (48 yrs young)
Linda, Massapequa

Ryan Angel
Tami Kluck, Hemet

Harriet Talbot, Simi Valley

My Son..My Hero
Nicole Meyer, Barnegat

To Hope Myers
Gena, Stuart

My Baby Jordan
Lisa Hackworth, Bowling Green

My little angel "Tori Nicole"
Hope Myers, New Orleans

To Chrystal, Mother of Hannah
Gena, Stuart

My Angel Hannah
Crystal, Seymour

My Angel, Emily Grace
Gena, Stuart

My Little Angel: Austin Lynn
Cynthia, Clarksville

Heaven's Newest Angel
Christy Rutherford, Hooks

The Two Littlest Angels
Kiara Ramirez, Downey

My Son..My Hero
Nicole Meyer, Barnegat

Half a Heart, but Full of Love
Shelli, Amarillo

Precious Paula
Marian, Walnut Creek

Raegen's Fight
Caressa, Houston

The Baby I Couldn't Keep
Tara Vogler, Warwick

Angel Andrew
Doris, Columbus

Emily Rose
Rosie Pickering, Nuneaton

An Angels Tears
Leanne Hicks, Toledo

Rachel & Jessica
DeLynn Schaef, Amarillo

You Never Get To Say Goodbye
Mary Fultz, Monticello

In Loving Memory of Alicia Jamie
Caroline, Calgary

My Little Baby Angel
Kristal , Hillsdale

The Joy of Knowing James
M.M., Portland, Oregon

In Loving Memory
Lucy Boyer, McLean

My Precious Baby Boy Patch
Sara Spray, Seymour

My Son Cody
Lynn Feight, Coopersburg, PA

Her name was Allison
Lisa Goodgion, Cabot, Arkansas

Loss Of My Babies
Jennifer , Troy, Alabama

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Poem/For Childhood Diseases

Precious Jenni
Maribeth, Lewiston, ID

To Michael's Mom
Tracy, Winnipeg

A Story of an Angel - Joshua Alexander
Deborah Shillito, Victoria, B.C.

A New Beginning-28 Days Later, An End
Janeen, Comanche, Oklahoma

Our Angel Shad
Lisa McKell, Toronto

Tommy Dude
Momma, Montana

Davey's Wings
Tabatha, Cheraw

My Little Girl
Florence, Richmond

Michael Giovanni
Carla Matute, Louisville

Noah---Our Angel
Kristen, Hammonton

My Little Homer
Yvonne, Kansas City

Our Twins
Rachel Steigleder, Orange

Missing my little Daphne
Gillian G. Balasia

Samuel Weston
Amy G, Bullard

My Angels
Twila Christopher, prairie home

My Baby Girl
Becky Reed, Salem

Thoughts on my 5 year anniversary
Barb, Streetsboro, Ohio

My Angel Babies
Tiffany Heath, Wisconsin

Our Dearest Jocelynne
Leslie Boslet, Lewes

Memories of James Patrick McKee
Verna McKee, Bakersfield, Kern County

Hello, Father
Lucy Boyer, McLean

Angel Not Ever Forgotten
Dieta, Denton

My Little Angel
C.K., Simcoe, Ontario

My Angel
Amy, Rochester, New York

My Tiny Girl...
Rose Marie Acosta, Brooklyn, New York

Perfect Soul
Poem for Daniel Tyler.

Excerpts from "Harpo Marx at Prayer"
Saul Bennett, Author of soon to be released "Harpo Marx at Prayer"

Excerpts from "New Fields and Other Stones"
Saul Bennett, Author of "New Fields and Other Stones"

To Those Who Would Console
by Naomi Wagschal

Helping to Heal - A Model of Bereavement Support
by Mary Ellen Herman

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