There are many organizations that provide comfort and resources to the bereaved. Many are listed below:

A Place to Remember
Uplifting support materials and resources for those who have been touched by a crisis in pregnancy or the death of a baby.

Alive Alone
An organization for educational and charitable purposes, to benefit bereaved parents whose only child or all children are deceased by providing a self-help network and publications to promote communication and healing.

Alliance of Grandparents, A Support in Tragedy (AGAST)
Originally started as a SIDS grandparent support group, this non profit organization is now dedicated to assisting all grandparents when a grandchild dies.

AMEND (Aiding Mothers and Fathers Experiencing Neonatal Death)
Offers a free counseling service to parents who have experienced the loss of an infant through miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death. The main purpose of AMEND is to offer support and encouragement to parents having a normal grief reaction to the loss of their baby.

America SIDS Institute
Dedicated to the prevention of sudden infant death and the promotion of infant health through an aggressive, comprehensive nationwide program of research, clinical services, education, and support.

Bereaved Families Online
Bereaved Families Online provides support for people who have lost an immediate family member -- an infant, a child, an adult child, a parent, a brother or a sister, an adult sibling, a grandchild or a spouse. They support parents, guardians or family members helping a child grieve. They support the unique circumstances faced by survivors of violent death, survivors of completed suicide, and families seeking pregnancy after loss.

Bereaved Families of Ontario -
Metropolitan Toronto

562 Eglinton Ave. E.
Toronto, ON M4P 1P1
(416) 440-0290

Bereavement Magazine
A Magazine of Hope and Healing has been designed to be a "support group in print" - a friend who arrives in the mailbox six times each year.

Bereaved Families Online
Bereaved Families provides support for people who have lost an immediate family member -- an infant, a child, an adult child, a parent, a brother or a sister, an adult sibling, a grandchild or a spouse. They support parents, guardians or family members. They support the unique circumstances faced by survivors of violent death, survivors of completed suicide, and families seeking pregnancy after loss.

Bereaved Parents
Offering useful information and support to anyone who has lost a child. Information section includes highlights from newsletters published by affiliates, as well as a monthly column. Included is a Bereavement Self-Help Resources Guide which indexes resources along with hundreds of listings to other resources and information.

Bereavement Services - Support and Education
An organization dedicated to the provision of professional grief counselling and support services.

Beyond Indigo
Dedicated to changing the way people think about grief and loss. Contains newsletters, tools, message boards, and general information pertaining to dying, loss, and grief.

The Canadian Centre for Bereavement Counselling & Education
49 Gloucester
Toronto, ON M4Y 1L8
(416) 926-0905

Centering Corporation
A non-profit organization providing education and resources for the bereaved. With an online catalog of materials, they are one of the largest distributors of grief resource materials.

Compassionate Friends
The Compassionate Friends is a national nonprofit, self-help support organization which offers friendship and understanding to families who are grieving the death of a child of any age, from any cause. There is no religious affiliation. There are no membership fees or dues, and all bereaved family members are welcome.

Counseling for Loss & Life Changes
Through articles and inspirational writings, learn how to cope with grief and loss. Share your feelings in online personal journals, memorial tributes, chat room. Weekly column by licensed clinical counselor. Book recommendations. Focus on helping children cope. Resource organization list.

Daniel's House
Daniel's House brings comfort to the bereaved through a cookbook titled Slices of Sunlight offering "50 favorite recipes of the children that once graced our homes. Read the recipes and the memories held by those who loved them."

NALAG (SA) website includes recommended reading lists on grief in relation to miscarriage, suicide, pregnancy termination, adolescents, men, multicultural, indigenous etc. and relationship loss for partners, same sex couples, Parents etc.

Grief Warehouse
A warehouse of information and personal experiences for parents coping with the loss of a child. A place to gather and share ideas towards developing new ways of coping and remembering.

GriefNet is an Internet community of persons dealing with grief, death, and major loss offering grief resources through 37 email support groups and two web sites.

Houston's Aid in Neonatal Death (HAND) supports grieving parents in the greater Houston area with the rest of the world via Internet. H.A.N.D. is a support group for parents whose babies have died any time from conception through late infancy.

Hannah's Prayer
Hannah's Prayer desires to provide Christian based support and encouragement to couples around the world who are struggling with the pain of "fertility challenges" including infertility, pregnancy loss or early infant death. They also have a newsletter.

Healing Hearts for Bereaved Parents
This site is dedicated to providing grief support and services to parents whose child has died. Their purpose is to offer understanding, suggestions for coping, support, friendship, and most of all hope to all bereaved parents. Parents who have lost a child as a result of miscarriage or stillbirth are equally welcome as those who have lost children to illness, accident or violence.

Honored Babies
A place where mothers whose babies have died (miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth, neonatal death, infancy death, and/or pregnancy termination) can add their babies to an Online Memorial, join an Online Support Group Email List (there's also one for Grandmothers), and submit their "entire story" for book publication. Also offered is a Resource Center and Keepsakes.

Hygeia -- An Online Journal for Pregnancy and Neonatal Loss
Hygeia covers grief and recovery from pregnancy loss, miscarriage, neonatal loss, poor neonatal outcome, genetic abnormalities, abortion of abnormal pregnancies, and other pregnancy-related topics. The site includes resource information, news, poetry, and links to other sites. Some features require user registration, but there is plenty of good content for non-registered users as well. You can search the Growth House database from this site.

The Jenna Druck Foundation
"Families Helping Families," a community of sensitive and skilled volunteers and professionals, many of whom have lost children themselves. Their non-profit programs, begun in 1996 by a grief stricken father and are designed specifically to help families after the sudden loss of a child. The programs are based on a deep respect and compassion for each individual and family.

James Van Praagh
Aims to create an environment of healing and a place, not only to discover, but to exchange ideas and feelings. Offers information and support in mediumship, grief healing, psychic awareness and spiritual growth.

Julie's Place
Support and resource center for children and teenagers who have lost a sibling or other family member.

This web page lists the objectives, services, and training available at Kara, an organization offering children, teens, and adult group sessions for the loss of a parent, child, sibling or friend. Kara offers one-to-one, drop-in and group grief counseling services are available if you live in the San Francisco, CA area.

Kidshealth is one of the largest sites on the Internet providing expert health information about children from before birth through adolescence. Created by The Nemours Foundation Center for Children's Health Media, has separate areas for kids, teens, and parents - each with its own focus, tone, and design. There are hundreds of in-depth articles and features - and the site is growing every week.

KIDSAID is a safe place for kids to share and to help each other deal with grief about any of their losses. It's a place to share and deal with feelings, to show artwork and stories, to talk about pets (remove), and to meet with one's peers.

The Loss Section of KotaPress has been created as a way for you to give or get support for the grieving process, and hopefully find a re-connection through this participation. Offers support through different projects, groups, and links.

(Mommies Enduring Neonatal Death)
A Christian not-for-profit corporation whose purpose is to reach out to those who have lost a child due to miscarriage, stillbirth or early infant death and offer a way to share experiences and information through meetings, the bi-monthly newsletter, and our Internet web site.

M.I.S.S. (Mothers in Sympathy & Support)
A grass roots organization dedicated to supporting parents one on one after the death of an infant or young child. Referrals to peer contacts and ancillary organizations offered. Grief workshops are available for professionals who work with families during and after the death of their child.

M.I.S.S. (Mothers in Sympathy and Support)
The mission of M.I.S.S. is to allow a safe haven for parents to share their grief after the death of a child. MISS provides support to parents enduring the tragedy of stillbirth, neonatal death and infant death from any cause including SIDS, congenital anomalies, trisomy 13. Grief education for parents and professionals is their main focus.

National Association for Loss and Grief
NALAG (Vic) develops loss and grief educational resources along with providing loss and grief community professional education and training. They also conduct the “Loss & Grief Practitioner Accreditation Program” for counseling, education and care & support practitioners.

My Parents are Survivors
An online support group for parents, grandparents, and siblings who have suffered the loss of a child. The site offers a safe environment for the bereaved to share their stories and thereby keep the memories of their children, grandchildren, and siblings alive.

National SIDS Resource Center
Provides information services and technical assistance on sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and related topics. Their goal is to promote understanding of SIDS and provide comfort to those affected by SIDS through information sharing.

A website providing interactive and non-interactive discussion forums for people struggling with the loss of a parent. The community of ParentLoss is made up of lay people who are dealing with the loss of a parent.

Parents of Murdered Children, Inc.
POMC® provides the ongoing emotional support needed to help parents and other survivors facilitate the reconstruction of a "new life" and to promote a healthy resolution. Not only does POMC help survivors deal with their acute grief, but with the criminal justice system as well.

Pen Parents, Inc.
Pen Parents is a non-profit organization which matches bereaved parents by the types of losses they have had or by their special circumstances.

Perinatal Bereavement Services Ontario
A non-profit organization dedicated to supporting families and friends working through the death of their baby, through miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth or neonatal death.

Perinatal Loss
A WEB catalog of bereavement resources that include beautiful, tiny urns to hold a baby's ashes, personalized announcement cards, and special albums for keeping precious memories (such as photographs, a lock of hair, footprints, etc.), Many handcrafted items that can help you honor your baby's short life.

SHARE is an organization that serves those who are touched by the tragic death of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, or newborn death.

The Hospital for Sick Children
Affectionately called Sick Kids -- it is one of the largest paediatric academic health science centres

SIDS Foundation
Dedicated to working with people who have experienced the death of a baby to SIDS.

SIDS Network
Reaches out to families who have lost a baby to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

SIDS-Western Australia/SANDS
A support group based in Australia for parents who experience loss from miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death, SIDS - Sudden Infant Death, and children who have died from any cause up to the age of two. Features poetry, grief tips, subsequent pregnancy information, and much more.

S.P.A.L.S. (Subsequent Pregnancy After a Loss Support)
SPALS is a warm and compassionate group of people who have experienced the loss of a child due to miscarriage, selective termination, stillbirth, neonatal death, sudden infant death, or accidental death. Includes an active support network of over 300 members, sharing mutual support and information regarding subsequent pregnancy

Still Fathers
Fathers who have experienced stillbirth, infant death, or miscarriage walk a uniquely sorrowful and challenging path. Still Fathers is a new resource for such fathers, providing support, encouragement, and a place to touch base.

The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
A non-profit association staffed by experienced and knowledgeable professionals and laypeople in the tender subject of pet death. Members are professional counselors as well as pet-loving people from all other walks of life. They lend assistance to pet lovers coping with this special kind of loss.

Tom Golden's Crisis, Grief, and Healing
Provides support for people, especially men, who are grieving. Run by a licensed clinical social worker and author, whose books are excerpted on the site. Read personal stories and share your own. Articles, message board, guestbook with helpful comments, annual conference information.

Touchstone Center
The Touchstone Center for Grieving Children and Adolescents is a not for profit organization established to promote and support the special needs of grieving children and adolescents.

Twinless Twins
Twinless Twins Support Group, International, serves in support of twins (all multiple births) who suffer from the loss of companionship of their twin through death, estrangement or in-utero loss.


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