Jamie and Joshua Spivey - My Babies In Heaven

May 18 & April 18, 2000 - May18 & April 18, 2000

My name is Jennifer Spivey. I was 25 when I got married to a man that I loved very much. Everything in my life seemed like a dream for the first two weeks, then he started drinking. After that everything seemed to fall apart. He was always mad at me after that as well as called me all kinds of names. Anyway this isn't about him. About two months after I got married I found out that I was pregant. I was so excited about all this but my ex and his family were so excited about it that in fact, they hated the fact. This started alot of fighting. Well one night he got mad and took it out on me. About two days later I found out that I lost the baby. Things only got worse after that. He was even madder at me all the time. One day we got in a fight over something and he got his family into it. Mom told me to get out then stopped me from leaving by shocking me. Then they went on for hours telling me how bad I was and that I was no good at anything. The next day I left for good. It wasn't till about two months later that I found out that I was pregant again. This time with twins. Everything was fine till about one week form my due date I hadn't felt one of my babies move and I was very worried about it. I went to the doctors and he checked my babies out. That's when he didn't find one of my baby's heart beats. He took my babies right away but it was to late. Joshua was gone and no one knew why.

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