Enoch Miracle Cobberti

December 3, 2013 - December 3, 2013

Hi, my name is Shakira Cobberti. My husband & I lost our first born son named Enoch Miracle Cobberti. He was born December 3 2013 at 1:19 a.m. He only lived 2 hours! I'm so damn mad that my baby had to be the one to die! It was December 2 last year, I was very sick & I couldn't eat, couldn't get off the couch at all. About 9:45 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., I told my husband that I need to go to the ER now! So, we called our former friend to take us to the hospital right away. They quickly shift me up to the maternity ward to monitor the contractions. It would come every 5 minutes to 3 minutes & less! They put me in the delivery room & they hooked me up to put IV in me. My doctor came & told me that my body is ready to deliver! I was like, "WHAT?" My cervix was dilated already, so I had to deliver! Every contraction, I had to push! The amniotic sac came out first & burst, then my son came, but was breach! His head came out last, but my cervix closed around his neck. So, they tried to relax me & finally he came out! Immediately, they have to put him in the NICU. The first thing I said was, "what happen to my baby?" We prayed, we had strong faith that he will make it! When they took us to the NICU, they told us that his heart was slowly stopping & that it's too weak. I was shocked! They took him off the heart rate monitor & we held him while his body was still warm. Few hours later, our first born son had died!

They drove his tiny body with clothes on & I started to cry! My husband broke down first than I did. We were very grateful that about 40 people came & prayed, laughed, cried & gave us a lot of gifts, food & comfort! At his funeral, about 30 to 40 people came at our son's funeral.

It's been 6 months now that we have lived without our son! Please don't judge us or tell us that we need to move on? You're making things worse for us! At the same year, I lost my mother at age 52 years old. Please honor both of the two wonderful people that we lost last year for me?

Thank you from the Cobberti family. God bless!

Shakira P. Cobberti

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