Eden Lael Weisz

Miscarriage -


Eden-Delight Lael-Belonging to God

From your conception Eden Lael Weisz,
We had a joyous connection,
I felt some delight when pregnant with you. I shared some special times during my pregnancy with you Christmas, Your Aunty's wedding, valentines Day. The art gallery, fringe festival and magic show, from which I felt you move, to the music, and excitement of it all. Thanks to your delightful, sweet nature, I had that pregnancy glow.

We recorded your heartbeat, on my fetal heart Doppler on Feb 27th 2014, when bleeding began, on Feb 16th 2014. You slowly went, in time, to young a gestation to survive outside of me. Nothing would have been done for you medically. But the time I spent with you. Will forever be a treasured piece of time in my heart and mind.

Mommy love's you Eden Lael Weisz.
Goodbye Sweetheart

A list of your recorded movements in my womb. 10th February 2014

4:48am kick movement
11:31am-thump movement
12:12am-turn movement

Flesh of my flesh

Bone of my Bone

For a time, you were...

Miraculously my own

You who were apart of me

Who grew inside my womb.

In my heart, and mind you remain

My own.

Like a cherished flower

Who grew from underneath my heart

And into it


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