Noah Thomas Trevino

8/26/2011 - 8/26/2011

Baby Noah,

I love you with all of my heart. Both daddy and I and your brother and sister waited with happiness and excitement for your arrival, but sadly you left us before we got to know you. We held you for a while, too short of a while. I gave you as many kisses as I could, we all did. It was so hard to part from you. I love you so much and we all miss you. Although we never got to hear you cry or laugh, and we never got to see you open your eyes, we live on the hope and mercy of God that one day we will all be together again in heaven where we can spend forever and always together. I can't say this enough sweet baby of mine, I love you so much and mommy misses you so much. I hope you know that if there was anything I could do to have you back with us, I would give it up without any thought. I long to hold you in my arms, I wish to kiss you and see you. I dream of your beauty and long to see you open your eyes and look up to me with the love that you were created.

RIP sweet angel of mommy's....

We all love you son!!!

Jeanette Gomez-Trevino

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