Noa Glen Murray-Smith

February 10, 2011 - February 10, 2011

Dear Baby Noa,

Mommy misses you more than I could ever explain. I love you more then life itself. I pray to one day be with you gain.

Even though you're gone,
I can still feel you here,
Even though I didn't know you,
I can still feel you here.

One tiny little thing,
Reminds me of you each day,
I hold close to my heart,
This one tiny little thing.

The picture I look at,
With tears in my eyes,
Reminds me of you more and more,
Just one look at that picture.

You were so beautiful,
That tiny graceful face,
Such a cute little baby,
More beautiful than most.

I wish you were here now,
Right here by my side,
Cause maybe you could wipe away my tears,
If only you were here.

Always treasure the small things,
The small things in your life,
They can mean the most important things,
Those tiny treasures in life.

Now never ever forget,
Keep you friends close to you,
Your family closer,
And once their gone,
Keep what was special to them,
They are the things that help you remember.

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