Kolten Southwell

11-19-2009 - 1-11-2010

Special Gifts

Dear Mommy & Daddy,

I was ssssssssssssssooooooo glad to be your son. The maker of Life asked me if I would like to have you as parents. Ohh I couldnít stop jumping for joy. He told me it would be shorter than most but I had a very important job. Then I donít remember where I went, but the Maker assured me He would put me together in this wonderful place called your womb my very own space. How I changed every second, every minute, every hour every day every week every month. Then I could hear you and daddy talking excitedly about my picture. You showed everybody. Then you picked out my name just what the Maker said it would be he called me ANGEL. Then something happened and here I was. I was very scared, but all these voices kept telling me it would be OK, but I didnít know them. Oh how I jumped for joy when I heard your voices. Did you see me? Every time I stopped hearing you talking to me I got so scared but not for long. My Maker told me I was doing a fine job and I kept changing every second, every minute, every hour, every week. Did you see how your hearts changed every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month? Did you? Did you? If you could see my insides every time you spoke to me and every time you tenderly touched me, but the best the absolute best was when you got to hold me it was like being with my maker, the one who put me together. It felt like an eternity being with you mommy and daddy and someone else who called herself Grandma would come to visit. I loved it! Boy oh boy could I get used to this! My maker came this morning and told me I was to come home to be with him now. Did you hear me tell you I love you and will miss you see I kept telling the Maker I loved it here! He gently reminded me I had done my job very well and He was very proud of me but told me it was His turn now as mommy and daddy need THE BIGGEST ARMS TO HOLD YOU. Oh if you could see what I see mommy and daddy you wouldnít be so sad. He told me that because of me, HE IS ABSOLUTELY SURE that you will be GREAT PARENTS! HE told me I get to watch over you now and I WILL GET TO SEE YOU AGAIN! Ohh mommy and daddy I CANíT WAIT! My maker said you might be sad because Iím not there any more. He tried to explain about how I will be in your heart forever. I donít know how to understand, but then He said itís a place where we can almost touch! WOW, can you feel me touching you? Can you, can you? Can you hear me when I shout to the universe I LOVE YOU? Can you feel me hold you gently, tenderly just the way you did me? HUH can you, can you? Can you see me changing every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year, huh, huh?

Your little Angel, Kolten

Those who loved you

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