Amber Nicole Kulju

07/16/1990 - 12/24/1990

My beautiful daughter, only 18 years old, was taken by selfish stupid people that didnít care about others. She was destroyed on her way home for Christmas, only Ĺ hours away from home. Her self centered boyfriend decided he had better things to do then get my daughter home for Christmas dinner as we all planned. He decided what HE needed was more important then my daughter coming home to her family. He went in the opposite direction and didnít bother looking before crossing a 4 lane highway in a winter storm and at the same time another selfish self-centered idiot was riding in the storm with a car full of snow with no headlights on. Rather then thinking of others on the road, he could see what he needed to see so thatís all that mattered until he destroyed my 18 year old daughter that couldnít see him! These 2 selfish bastards killed my daughter with 2Ĺ tons of steel on the happiest day of her life.

I go from totally falling apart to anger so deep I want them dead! If you knew how special my beautiful daughter was you would understand the way I feel. My daughter LOVED Christmas and now itís an anniversary of her terrible death. I am sorry to sound cold but Amber is my life, my heart and my soul and we love each other beyond words. Thank you for listening,

Jeff Kulju {Amberís Dad}

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