Joshua Alexander Shillito

November 7th, 1999 - November 7th, 1999

We miss our youngest son and we will never forget his sweet face or his tiny, tiny toes. We take comfort in knowing that he is now rolling around the clouded floor of Heaven, with friend Justin … getting into as much mischief as only baby angels can.

Good-night, My Sweet Angel

They took you from within me, with all kinds of hope ... that you would breath and scream in life ... but I guess you just couldn't cope.

I do remember you, all freshly scrubbed for me to see, that you were the little angel boy I'd seen in all my dreams.

I'm sorry we didn't spend much time with you, only a day or two. It really was so very hard and I just didn't have any clue.

I couldn't believe you had left us, when all our love was there. I still cry for you every day, and scream that life isn't fair.

I carry your memory within my heart and know I'll never forget that you are my little angel boy, the child I barely met.

You live within my heart and in every breath I take. I know I'll meet you again someday, when the time is just more right.

So until happy that day, Joshua my little angel boy, I'll whisper my good-night and blow you lots of kisses, as you rise in your gentle heavenly flight.

Sending you as many hugs and kisses as there are stars in the Heavens.

Love, Mommy, Daddy and Jared and Aspen

In remembrance of Joshua Alexander Shillito
Born & died on November 7th, 1999.
Died shortly after his birth due to delivery complications.

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