Spencer Marlon Kalpin

September 20, 1996 - May 11, 1998

Spencer is especially blessed in that he is named after two very beautiful people that he will only know through the cherished memories of his family. His first Jewish name "Schmuel" comes from the late Sydney Tepperman, who warmed our hearts with his self-styled artistry, song, handiwork, and handkerchief puppetry. Gramps was a remarkable human being who involved himself in all our lives as a thread that weaves its way through a bolt of cloth. Spencer's second Jewish name Yitzhak comes from the late Dr. Carey Analevitz who served as a model for tenderness, kindness and sincerity in his professional and personal life. It was this sweet gentle demeanor that made Uncle Carey a fixture in so many of our lives. Gramps and Uncle Carey are sorely missed but we find comfort that their namesakes will live on in our little Schmuel Yitzhak, Spencer Marlon Kalpin.

Now 20 Months later, we are here to lay to rest our precious treasured son and namesake, Spencer Marlon Kalpin. When we think about Spencer, we will remember the fight to get him to wear a hat in the sun, the millions of Barney tapes that litter our house, and the little baby footprints covering the footboard of our bed where Spencer learned to climb. A child full of life who was taken from us all to suddenly. We take comfort in knowing that he will be well looked after in another special place by our dear Gramps and Uncle Carey.

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