Sabrina Faye

05/31/2001 - 08/18/2001

Thinking of an Angel

My baby cousin, you were only here for 3 1/2 months. Not long enough for all the love you have. You were the only girl out of the 4 boys.
You were born 3rd out of the kids. They wanted you all a long. Finally they got you. Then god had something better for you.. He only takes angels and you were one. You are now 7 years old. You're a Big Girl.

You were taken from us on Aug. 18th 2001. They ruled it out to be SIDS. But remember you had a check up the day before and got 3 shots. You cried all that day. Finally you layed in daddys arms and went to sleep. then off to bed. You woke up about 4am and was hungry; you had a bottle and went back to sleep. The next morning when mommy and daddy got up you were blue. God had given you, your Wings!

In Mamory of Sabrina faye
May 31 2001 - Aug.18 2001
We lone and miss you..
your thought of everyday!


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