December 8, 1987 - April 28, 2007

Missing my best friend...

Saturday will be her 20teen birthday! She refused to leave the teen years, she wanted to be called 20teen. She was a fun, loving pain in the butt kind-of girl. She was my "step-daughter" on paper but her and I had the BEST friend/sister relationship. (which we both LOVED) She is missed more and more each day. She was ripped out of our lives by a car crash, which she was the passenger of. She left behind a confused little brother of 9 and a heart broken sister of 11. This will be both of their first Christmas with out her ever. They say as time goes on things get better; well as time goes on in this house things are not getting better, we are stuck in the same loop. I am still waiting for Monica to walk through the door any day now. How do we go on with out her?She is and will forever be missed.

Love Ya Mo

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