Jase Mikel Williams

September 22, 2005 - Oct.ober 20, 2007

My Sweet Jase

Sweet Jase I close my eyes and see your face My mind goes back through time and space To the days before, when I held you tight And watched you laugh with such delight

Such simple things brought you great joy Turning on and off lights as much as a toy My heart just breaks as your memories flow I canít understand why you who had to go

People say it was in Godís plans to take you away But we all know there must have been another way We all love and miss you so very much sweet boy I donít know how any of us will find any joy

The family cries for what we should have been The time with you we wonít get to spend We all thought there would be another day To hold you close and watch you play

Iíd do anything to bring you back home
And make sure you were never alone
Iíd sell my soul and spend eternity in Hell If it would bring you back alive and well

But now youíre gone and the pain is here We may never recover from this I fear My heart just aches my sweet, sweet Jase I wish somehow I could take your place.

All of my love, Aunt Luessa

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