Delaney Caitlyn Busca

03/13/2007 - 03/13/2007

When Words are not enough

We are missing a little girl; one we never had the chance meet.
A little girl to show the way, or even show her how to eat.
What will her little voice sound like?
What would be her first word?
Is she going to be a Tom Boy, or is she gong to be “Daddy’s Little Girl?
Will she dress in pink?
Or will she choose the blue jeans?
Will she play with dollhouses?
Or play hockey, fulfilling her Daddy’s dreams.
Instead, our Little Angel took a different way.
Off to see God, leaving the rest of us here to stay.
When can I swing her in her swing?
Who’s going to show how to color, even teach her how to sing?
All these things, I’ve asked God to tell Just to make the hurting stop and sooth my eyes that swell.
How could you take this little girl I’ve waited so long to meet?
What do I tell Doe Doe and Sean who have waited so long for her to greet?
With everything that I’ve learned, one thing I know is true.
Nothing can take the place of Delaney and there is almost nothing I can do.
I can be the shoulder to cry on, or give you the hand to hold.
I have two arms to wrap you up when you start to feel the cold.
The one thing I don’t have without sounding like a lot of guff, Are the right words or phrase to say that words are not enough.

Packy Lillis

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