Tequoia A.S. Baum

06/16/2006 - 07/26/2006

Tequoia Amadeo Sebastian Baum,

I still can't believe how absolutely perfect and beautiful you were in life. 4 months too soon, but so beautiful. So beautiful and so sweet. How you would turn to the sound of our voice. Or cry when the nurses would tell us it was time to put you back in the incubator. You wanted to stay on our chest just a bit longer. You were so sweet. And you were strong, just like a little worrier. They all said you were a fighter, and I know you fought with all your might. You were far braver than your years. You knew what you wanted and weren’t afraid to fight for it. You fought for life like no child should ever have to, but you did and you did it with grace that beats those of a hundred years.

I miss reading you Green Eggs and Ham (Sam I am). I miss seeing you suck on that silly Q-Tip dipped in milk. I miss your beautiful lips and your sweet-wee brown eyes I saw but once. But one glance of those beautiful eyes will see me through my years, I know it. I know they can. I wish you were here with me every day that passes. I wish I could have shown you all the beauty in life; all the happiness. But I find solace in the fact that I know that you are no longer in pain. And I find solace in the fact that every day you were on this earth, you felt the love your daddy and I have for you. And I know that you still feel that love wherever you may be now. I wish your life here on earth would have been easier. I wish you were in our arms now, giggling, crying, heck, I’d even go for screaming at the top of your lungs. But I know that these are mere withes.

I miss you baby. I miss you with all my might. With all of my heart. With all my soul. Your daddy does too. You will always be our world. The love of our lives.


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