Peter Jr. James


My words are written with all the love my heart feels, my hands that once held you still ache, for you, I write this; love created a life, love took a life, to many he was loved even adored
to me, he was my life, my love, memories cannot justify the wonderous spirit he had his first breath I was there for, his last, my wish, I was there also his last, I only wish he were given another, and I wish I were there for that his life had a meaning, his presence left an impact felt from those near and afar his beauty was admired by many his heart was one that had room for many his wisdon left many with knowledge his arms were strong for those he held his trips and falls, were his and his alone his life, his heart, his wisdom, his memories, his arms, his love and yes his trips and his falls maybe a thing of the past for most for me they are all that I have to keep, to remember and to treasure! That candle that burns for you, will never fill the darkness in my soul.

But, until that day, I will walk to that light, where you and I shall meet again, with all my soul, my son "happy is the day you were born, so on this anniversary of 4 years, I celebrate you, your life, my son, forever, the author, your mother, Paulette Standish.

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