Angelina Nicole Heer

10-5-95 - 10-7-95

Our Little Angel

I wish you were her would get to see your mommy and your new baby sister Teagan she is getting so big. I am sure that you would have been a great big sister. Not only to Teagan but to your other little brother and sister Anthony Heer and Kendall Heer. I pray that since your daddy thought it would be better to "take" them away and hide that you can watch over them every day since mommy doesn't know how they are.

I miss everyone and everything. Most of all I miss the things I should be experiencing with you. You would be a pre teen now and you would have developed your own unique personality and I am sure there would be friction given your age...but while most would see that as an unwelcome visitor...I wouldn't I would see that as a rite that we would both have needed to go through together. All the talks, the shopping and the growing I have missed out with you as well as your brother and sister. There is not one day I have ecer stopped thinking of you.

There is not a day I will stop looking for your brother and sister. I only pray that you watch them and lead them to me even if it is after they are old enought to decide their own life plan and make their own non controlled decisions. I know that God willing they will find me and know the truth. In the meantime they are in my prayers you are my heart and all of my children are my life.

God Bless and keep you my sweet beautiful little angel.


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