04-27-06 - 10-25-06

My Precious, the pain is horrendous, not just in the way you left, 5 feet away from Mommy, Daddy, Sister and several miles from me. Did you know how much I loved you? Did you know I knew of your pain? Did you know how happy I was to see you sleep that day I got to be with you, so peaceful, no pain; how your Mommy cried to see you relaxed and dreaming? What were you dreaming my Precious Angel? Of Gramma or Grampa with opening arms and hearts? There in Heaven, to assist you thru, and GOD guiding the LIGHT to see you through and prayers of those who truly Love you and wanting only the travels to be healing, not only for you Little Guy, but for the ones of us who have to be without you here on earth.

Go in Peace and know that you will always be in my heart, prayers and my thoughts.

Loving you always, Nano Cindy

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