Nathanael Jonathan Junior Cintron

09/25/2005 - 09/25/2005


You were so little I can't describe the pain I felt when I saw you. I gave birht to the most perfect boy in my eyes. I'm sorry I could do nothing to help you breath. My heart literally broke apart thinking about how you were struggling to breathe and the Dr.'s didn't let me help you. I still feel guilty until this day about you. I hope you are watching over Mommy and Daddy and the rest of the family and guiding us through this difficult time. Daddy took it as hard as Mommy, but he tries to hide it. He cries sometimes when he thinks I'm not in the room. Mommy took it a little harder though. Please don't be mad at me. I tried as hard as I could to keep you alive. Remember, you will always be the big brother of the family. Mommy and Daddy will make sure of it. Hope you are having fun in Heaven with Uncle Joe and Uncle Jonathan. Te amo Much

Mommy and Daddy will always love you!

With all our love, Mommy and Daddy are waiting to meet you in heaven!

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