Rachel Barnes

7-9-1983 - 7-28-2005


My little one-
Dark hair with hints of chestnut
Smiling blue eyes
Pale flawless skin
A slight dimple in your chin.

My quiet one-
Hesitant to be friendly
But wanting to be noticed,
Loving familiarity
Finding happiness inside yourself.

My misunderstood one-
Bold and honest in what you said
Searching for yourself,
Hiding the hurt you felt inside
And wanting a best friend

My independent one-
Thinking for yourself
Yet wanting acceptance,
Not a risk taker
But wise enough to decide for yourself

My imperfect one-
Sometimes sassy
A bit rebellious,
But level-headed
Just the same

My brave one-
Using what life had given you
To face the battles at hand
Never yielding to the foe
Fighting to the bitter end

My sainted one-
Your questions now all answered
Your search is over
Peace and love is yours
Forever more.

I love you and miss you!


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