Aliyah Dardagos

June 19, 2005 - December 23, 2005

"I am a mum"

I am a mum but not like you know,
We had a baby not so long ago,
She had beautiful eyes and brown spiky hair, But I am a mum with a different story to share,

Our baby Aliyah was healthy so we thought, But her time with us at home was cut very short, Aliyah was just two weeks old when she went to hospital that night, We found a lump in her groin, we got such a fright,

A blood test showed she had no neutrophils that they could see, She is “one in a million” the doctors kept telling me, A bone marrow transplant was her one and only hope, God, please tell me how am I going to cope?

A fifty-fifty chance is all the doctors could give, “She will get very sick and she may not live”
Aliyah was brave and smiled through it all, But she was in God’s hands, it was his call,

Then one day her heart couldn’t take it any more, I was so devastated I fell to the floor, But the doctors kept working on her and her heart started to beat, I was so happy “thank you God!”, I rose to my feet,

But “Aliyah has brain damage”, they then said to us, I felt as though I had just been hit by a bus, “She won’t live, unfortunately your baby girl will die, You can stay with her all night and you can all say good bye”,

The 23rd of December was her very last day, I just sat there helpless, all I could do was pray, So I held her close and I held her tight, My beautiful baby, you didn’t give up without a fight,

God was so selfish to take Aliyah away,
He wanted her in heaven so with the other angels she will play, But six months is too young to be up in the sky, Six months is too young to tell your baby good bye,

Baby, never will I forget the short life you led, Although I really wish it were me, that God took instead, Tears I cry every day Aliyah just for you, Doctors who said “One in a Million” that is so true,

I will wait for my time, till we meet you up above, So this here poem, I send you my love, And with this here love, I send you a kiss, For the angel in heaven, that upon earth we all miss,

So it seems now that heaven is where you belong, Go ahead fly angel, see you soon, won’t be too long,

I am a mum, but not like you know,
I am a mum of an angel, the story you now know.


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