TJ Sole' Knute Kochuten

04/14/2005 - 09/11/2005

Baby Whaddah Bug

My beloved Whaddah Bug...beautiful Aleut/Samoan baby you are always in my thoughts and prayers forever in my heart full of love and affection. You brought me so much joy, love and LIFE you were a prayer answered. Your laugh, your smile, your scent so sweet and innocent. I lie awake longing for one more second with you. I know I have to let you rest. You left so soon, we ALL are clinging to your brilliant soul, a perfect being a selfless wonder with so much meaning. Watch over us as we do you.

Gabe and mommy love you so, beyond belief; it's hard to say goodbye. I wish, I wish for your cry. I thank you sweet child for the time we shared. I love you, I love you, a million times over. I fight for you it's unbearable to try I wish I could stop wondering why. How many tears can one being cry? Help me let you be at peace. Beyond belief your spirit is so strong that I know you are with us. Please help us move on. Forward together, a family forever.

Always in our hearts.

Love Momma and Gabe xoxoxox

Savanna M Kochuten

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