Logan Zackary Reed

April 21, 2001 - August 19, 2005

To My Sweet Logan

Little Boy Loganís Mommy

My little boy Logan, at times it feels so long ago, Though it seems but yesterday.
That you closed your eyes in
Dreamless sleep
And I put your toys away.

My other two boys have left the nest
And have a life of their own.
In my house, where you used to play,
Is empty now, I live here all alone.

No, not alone; for I feel you here.
With your smile of winsome joy;
The others have grown and gone,
But you are the same little laughing boy.

How strange it seems that Iíve come to know- So bitterly when I wept- That the little boy I lost and grieve for, Is the only one Iíve kept.

Love, MoMMy

Beverly Koch

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