Bryn Rachael Drew Greggory Kleinmark

9/23/2004 - 8/7/2005

It's been 5 months and it still hurts like yesterday. I love you both so much. I remember the day you were born. 2 beautiful healthy twins. One boy and one girl. I went to the hospital to see you and your mommy and took lots and lots of pictures. Now I sit here going through all of your pictures, preparing for the big fight, it all seems like a bad dream and I wish I could wake up.

I remember when I moved in and became a member of your family. I hope you know you that that day you became a large part of my heart. I remember getting up in the middle of the night with you, frustrated and wondering if you would ever sleep through the night. I now treasure those memories and thank God for blessing me with those moments. We were always a busy group with your sisters helping as much as possible, making bottles, changing diapers, cleaning spitup, it all seemed like a pain at the time but it was all worth it. I loved playtime the best.

Bubby, you gave the wettest, sloppiest kisses. Sissy, you were always a big bottle of happy juice. Smiling and laughing was always a big part of our day. I miss you so much and maybe one day, if God will allow me, I will hold you both in my arms again. I love and miss you both.

Love Always and Forever, Auti

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