Alan AJ Hein

07/01/1989 - 11/25/2005

AJ, no one knew that you were being called home by god. I remember you calling me to ask if I could order you some albuterol for your neb. I Placed the order and you mom went to get it. You sent her a message on the phone telling her to hurry back. That's when you Mom asked if I could go over and be with you. As I was getting dressed so I could go check on you, but I told Denisse that we were going to need medics. Your Mom made it back just before me and I was there in less than 1-2 minutes. I took one look at you and knew you needed the hospital before me. I took a quick listen to your lungs and told Mom to call medics, but there was some problems with making the call so I called from my Nextl. The fire department got there fast since the are stationed around the corner fron you and Mom. I was giving the medic off the engine turnover when you stopped breathing in my arms.

Bubba, that is the last memory I have of you, knowing that you died in my arms. Shortly after the fire department got there and started taking care of you, is when your heart stopped. You Mom went with you to the hospital, Denisse drove grandma and I to the hospital. It was a long time before we could see you, but when I did, I know for sure things were really bad.

You were placed in the SICU on Sunday and the staff worked hard to do everything for you. It hurt so much to see you laying there on that bed and me not being able to do anything for you. The doctors all said there still might be a chance but when they said that, you could tell they really didn't think so.

AJ, you had all you family with you the whole time you were in the hospital. You touched even the nurses hearts and they wanted to be there for you. The supervisor staff and William Meixner came to be with the family and you. There were even a lot of crews who you had met before that wanted to see you one last time. Your best friend Robert came to see you and he brought his guitar to play for you. That night he played Stairway to Heaven. While he was playing it, the wholc SICU unit became quiet and most of the staff were in there with you and cried with us all.

On Friday November 25th, 2005 the decision was made to take you off the vent. Again, you had all your family and friends with you; ONLY Mom, Matt, Missy, and I. This was something we had to do ourselves. You again had all you family and friends in the room with you, when you took the last breath that the vent gave to you. We all prayed that you were no longer in pain and will now be able to play with Brian again.

AJ, My Bubba, I hope yo know how much I miss you. I just want to be able to hold you, and have those great talks like we always did when something happened in the world. My life isn't the same with out you Bubba, but I know I will be ok, and we will be together again when it is time. I feel really blessed to have you as my son and now my angel looking over me.

I Love you My Bubba.

Love Pops

Jim Hein

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