Trice, Zachary Ryan (Zakk)

December 1, 1994 - October 12, 2000

Zakk was only 5. He had a history of asthma due to severe allergies.

We were coming home from picking up his older sister from cheerleading practice that evening. On the way in the door he was perfectly fine. "Mom, when can I make Paw Paw his birthday card" and I told him after he had a breathing treatment. He wasn't weezing, but I wanted to be on the safe side. In the middle of that treatment, he pulled the oxygen mask off of his faced and gasped "I can't do it."

I told him to calm down and keeping breathing the medicine that it would help him breath, He then begged me to let him stop for a minute and at the same time turned dusky gray. I called 911 and before she could even ask my address he had passed out. I tried to do rescue breathing but he was so constricted at that point his chest would rise. The ambulance got there and they shocked him to get a pulse. They worked on my lil boy for 40 minutes before they finally got an airway, but then he had been gone for 35 minutes. They came out and told me my little one had died.

Nobody ever told me just how serious this disease was. In fact they acted as if I was overreacting...I hope Zakk's death was not in vain. My baby had his whole life ahead of him.

I had to say Goodbye and bury all of my dreams for him and his dreams at the same time. He's left behind Me, and his sister Canaan 7, brothers Dylan 4, and Rhys 10 months.

Zakky, we love you so much, and always will remeber you. I love you angel.

Zakk's Mom Traci

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