Chloe Taylor Bailey

05/23/05 - 07/01/05

A little girl, a tiny soul,
With tiny fingers and toes,
A head full of the softest curls
And the tiniest button nose.
This little girl that laid so still,
As precious as she could be.
We felt a quiet strength in her,
You couldnít help but see.
On her last day, she opened her eyes,
As if she wanted to say,
I love you mommy and daddy,
I wish that I could stay.
But Jesus needs a flower,
And Iím the prettiest one,
And I must go to heaven
Before this day is done.
We loved her before she came to us,
From heaven she was sent,
Her life so short, our time so brief,
So much to us she meant.
Now there is a little angel looking over us, She must be like a busy bee.
Because it is a full time task
Looking after you and me.
She was our greatest joy.
When you think of her please smile.
We must continue on today,
The very longest mile.

By Kim Bailey, her mother

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