Ward, Thomas

May 3, 1996 - January 1, 1997

Dear Thomas:

We all miss you and love you You are with me every were I go day and night. You are all ways on my mind. I am so sorry that you had to die all because of what some one would not do. No one would listen to us. I just want you to know we all love you very much; even your new baby sister. She is now 1 year old. Thomas A. Ward was the 2ed child of Shawn Ward Sr. And Jennifer Shaw Ward. He has 1 older brother Shawn Jr. And now 1 little sister who will never now him all because some one would not listen to us. NEVER let any one tell you that you are wrong. You may have to pay for it in the long run. I hope outhers can learn from Thomas' death.

We Love You, :) Ward102076@Gateway.net

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