Shannon Cummins

05-01-05 - 05-01-05

Our Little Angel:

Our beautiful baby girl was taken from us at 5 months pregnant. I will never forget the terrible day for as long as I live. I tried for 10 years to get pregnant and when I was, I didn't know till five months as I had to go to hospital with a high tempature. Once there, I was told I was twenty weeks pregnant. I will never forget seeing my little girl for the first time when I had my scan, I was so happy, my wish finally came through. But sadly the next day as I was leaving hospital, my water broke and I was in labour. I tried not to push and wanted so much for her to stay in my tummy, but I knew if she stayed she would be safe but this was not to be. It was confirmed I had a water infection and this caused me to go into labour early. We kept her beside us all night and I remember thinking how perfect she was even though she was tiny.

Now four months on and I still feel the pain everyday AND NOT A DAY GOES BY THAT I DONT THINK of her. All I have left of Shannon is foot and hand prints and pictures, but I know she is with me in all that i do and somehow that makes the pain easier to live with

Helena Cummins

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