Corbyn Ray Hammans

7-17-2004 - 7-17-2004

After I arrived home I did wrote this letter/poem for him.


When we found out you was here
Our hearts filled with joy and fear
Daddy went and shot his gun after the test was read Then we started to make our home in to a ďnestĒ
As I got farther along
I made up a special song
As we became more and more thrilled
The more and more our hearts became filled Then we got terrible news As the doctor talked to us he gave us clues Mommy cried as I laid on my bed, I was scared Daddy and me talked and thought and showed how we cared A little over a week just passed It seemed to go by fast Itís 1:53 am you are on your way I wish so badly you could stay We know you will be leaving We are just having trouble believing Now youíre here, we hold you close and tight We love and held you with all of our might You looked so much like your dad We are so very sad We had many dreams Like you and dad playing together on a team I know you are in a better place I want you to know Daddy and I will never forget your face Donít you ever forget you will always hold a special part Of you mommy and daddy heart.

You are very missed and loved I think of you always. Hugs and kisses to my little angel.

Mommy and Daddy

Keila Hammans
Gosport, IN

Sorry for no picture. I prefer that stay in my heart.

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