Rowan Connor McMillen

May 21, 2001 - June 4, 2001

Quisalan Elevas - Our Lovesbond Eternal

I still think about you every day. You taught me that love at first sight really does exist. I wrote this poem shortly after you left us, borrowing inspiration from "Our Song". Sissy Rai and I still listen to it and talk about you. We will never forget you, and never stop loving you.

You tried so hard, with all your might
Even so, you lost your fight
My blackbird singing in the dead of night

Your days were few, I don't know why
But now it is your turn to fly
Your broken wings will touch the sky

The love we shared was no surprise
We could see it in each others eyes
And now it's your time to arise

In my dreams, it's you I see
My tiny son, so dear to me
It brings me peace to know you're free.

For My Angel Baby, Rowan Connor
Love, Mommy and Big Sissy Rai

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